US military in Syria


Kurdish formations demanded that the United States immediately leave Syria, declaring an alliance with Russia and Damascus

An attempt by the United States to return to northern Syria has failed - the Kurds have banned American troops from appearing in the region.

After Turkey's threats to launch a military operation in northern Syria, the US military tried to take advantage of the situation and regain control of part of the northern territories of the Arab republic, however, they failed, as the Kurds, previously allied with the United States, banned the American military from appearing in the region, stressing intentions to ally with Russia and Damascus.

As follows from the information provided by the Syrian information resources, after several military convoys of the US Armed Forces arrived in northern Syria, intending to demonstrate their readiness to deploy their observation posts and bases here, the US military almost immediately met resistance from the Kurds. The latter allegedly refused to cooperate with the United States, stressing that they have agreements with Russia and Damascus and demanded that the United States withdraw from the region.

At the moment, there is indeed evidence that the columns of American military equipment are not deployed on the ground. This indicates serious opposition from the Syrian Kurds to the American forces, who previously left them alone against the Turkish army and militants.

They may not have such modern weapons as the United States, but we have not yet forgotten how the Yugoslavs destroyed stealth in an instant. We remember how the Abrams burned like torches from our RPG-7s made back in the 70s. We also did not forget how the Americans fled from the Taliban. having abandoned weapons for 5 billion dollars. So the respected one does not need to increase the glory of America. They can only show strength only with the weak. But Vietnam has shown that it can give back.

at least one example of the saldat valor and courage of the amer army.

The Kurds blocked the Americans from appearing in Syria and they immediately retreated. Grief analysts did not come up with anything cleverer. Maybe then Russia can order the US to self-destruct. And what, you think, the United States (the largest fleet, the strongest professional army of millions, advanced aviation). But KURDS! Kalashnikov assault rifles, grenade launchers and even machine guns, over a thousand militants. No one can resist such a force unless Russia.

The USA is being driven from everywhere!