Kurds attacked the Russian military and seriously damaged the Tiger armored car

Kurds attacked the Russian military and seriously damaged the Russian armored car.

Today afternoon, during the next joint patrol by the Russian and Turkish military, the Syrian Kurds attacked the armored vehicles of the Russian and Turkish military. As a result of the attack, the Russian Tiger armored car suffered serious damage, which applies equally to the Turkish Kirpi II armored car.

As you can see in the photograph, as a result of numerous hits of stones and other heavy objects, the Russian and Turkish armored vehicles received serious damage.

Experts pay attention to possible damage to the bulletproof glass of a Russian military vehicle, which indicates the fact that in the near future he can not participate in patrolling the northern regions of Syria.

The reason for such an unexpected behavior of the Syrian Kurds is not reported, however, the situation is seriously heated by the leaders of the Syrian democratic forces, apparently acting on the instructions of the United States, since over the past 72 hours Russia has been repeatedly accused of aiding Erdogan and even coordinating the Turkish Air Force’s attacks on the positions of the Syrian Kurds.

Some kind of nonsense, but why is it needed at all?

What kind of cars are those that have disabled stones ????