Russian military in Syria


Kurds fired on Syrian and Russian military

The Russian and Syriac military fell under the fire of the Kurds while trying to enter Rakka.

Despite the existing agreements between the Russian-Syrian side and the Syrian democratic forces, fire was fired at a column of Russian and Syrian military. It is reported that the fire was warning and was conducted into the air, while the Kurds refused to let the convoy into the territory of the controlled region, explaining that the area is mined.

The information on this account is confirmed by both social networks and the Russian media, except that according to the Vedomosti publication, which refers to the military journalist Igor Dmitriev, no fire was opened on the Russian military.

“They didn’t open the passage from Raqqa. Politely, without conflict, they say, they worry about security - it is mined. They don’t want to just give up the dream of a Kurdish state. Or maybe they hope that Trump will change his mind ", - the newspaper reports.

Experts believe that it is for this reason that taking control of the remaining part of the Arab Republic is difficult, however, no official comments on this subject have been received by representatives of the Russian and Syrian Defense Ministries.