Vehicles on fire


Kurds tried to burn an American armored car with soldiers inside

Syrian Kurds set fire to an American armored car with soldiers inside.

In the course of the next skirmish between the Syrian Kurds and American troops in the northeast of the Arab Republic, and the first of them took place in December 2019, Kurdish formations tried to burn the American armored car along with the American troops stationed in it.

According to sources, after American forces attacked the Syrian Kurds, the latter began to throw stones and Molotov cocktails at armored vehicles, resulting in at least one vehicle catching fire. Moreover, photographs also appeared in which you can see that the armored vehicles of the American military were actually shot from unknown weapons, which in turn allows us to qualify this collision as very serious.

It should be clarified that a very serious skirmish between Syrian citizens and American troops was avoided thanks to the Russian military, however, even in this case, the American military has at least one wounded (according to official figures - ed.), And one from the Kurds lost.