Kurds propose to expel the US coalition from Syria, for contributing to the severance of relations with Sweden and Finland

Against the background of the NATO agreement with Turkey, the Kurds are proposing to expel the international coalition from Syria.

In response to the fact that a positive decision was made on the entry of Sweden and Finland into NATO in exchange for severing relations between these two states with the Kurdish formations, which was actively promoted by the countries of the North Atlantic Alliance, the Kurds intend to consider the possibility of blockade of the international coalition throughout the controlled territory of Syria, depriving, in including US access to oil fields in the northeast of the Arab Republic.

The Kurds have accused Sweden, Finland, Turkey and other NATO countries of de facto hostility towards the PKK and the Kurds.

“The terrorist organization PKK (banned in Turkey – ed. note) on the agreement between Sweden, Finland and Turkey: “This is the same as NATO’s statement of hostility to the Kurdish people. This shows the hypocrisy, the shameful state of Sweden and Finland and the true face of the so-called Western democratic system", Turkish journalist Bedrettin Belyukbashi reports.

Against the backdrop of such actions by NATO, the Kurds are discussing the possibility of blocking the access of the US military and the forces of the so-called international coalition to the territory of Syria. At the same time, the possibility of blocking US access to oil fields on the territory of the Arab Republic may be considered.