The Kurds defeated the US military patrol, the Americans had to be rescued by the "Russians." Video

Syrian Kurds raided an American military patrol, capturing several armored vehicles.

Syrian Kurds tried to block the movement of the American military patrol in the area of ​​the settlement of Khirbet Hamo, having arranged a real raid on the American military, not only blocking the passage of the American army and throwing armored cars with stones and other improvised items, but also having entered into a firefight with the military personnel. Due to an unexpected attack, the latter had to flee, as a result of which two Oshkosh armored vehicles and several weapons were abandoned, while the American troops had to protect the Russian troops from the angry Kurds.

It is known that the main reason for the attack on the American military was the chaotic shooting of one of the servicemen, who tried to disperse the crowd with shots from an automatic rifle. Syrian Kurds took this as an open attack and bombarded the US military, resulting in at least three military personnel injured. There were no casualties among the Kurds themselves - American soldiers killed a 14-year-old teenager by firing at him, although the latter ran away and did not attack, as evidenced by the corresponding video frames.

In order to avoid a full-scale conflict with the use of weapons on each side, the Russian military demanded that the Americans immediately leave the area, as a result of which the latter dropped two armored vehicles and the weapons in it. However, subsequently a video appeared on which you can see that at least one of the armored vehicles of the US military was so badly damaged by the Kurds that it had to be transported by a tractor.

What for? We would stand aside and watch the beating of the Americans.