The Kurds smashed a US military base in northern Syria with a missile strike. Video

The Kurds first launched a missile strike on the US military in Syria.

About a day ago, an American military base near a major oil field in al-Omar was attacked by a Syrian Kurd. It is reported that the attacks were carried out using multiple launch rocket systems and mortars, which was the first Kurdish attack on US positions in Syria.

Official Washington refuses to comment on the current attack by the Kurds, however, a video released later may mean that this is a serious escalation.

Due to the lack of official comments, it is not possible to establish the possible material damage, the number of victims and victims, however, it is known that the US military made several attempts to attack the positions of the Kurds, however, it was obviously unsuccessful, since at the time of the attack by the US military, the shelling has already been discontinued and the attackers regrouped.

In connection with what exactly the current attack is connected is unknown, however, analysts attribute this to Trump’s recent statement that the United States controls all oil in Syria and will do whatever it wants with it, which, obviously, has caused the armed formations of the Kurds.

It should be noted that due to the risk of using anti-aircraft defense systems with air defense systems, the US military is deprived of the opportunity to use military aircraft on uncontrolled territory, which does not exclude new attacks.