Helicopter shot down


Kurds shot down a Turkish military helicopter. Video

The Kurds managed to bring down a Turkish military helicopter in Syria.

The invasion of the Turkish army in northern Syria led to another loss for Turkey. If the previous day it was reported about the downed Turkish F-16 fighter, today it became known that the Kurdish forces, as evidenced by the published video, managed to knock out the S-70 military helicopter.

“The Kurds published footage of the shelling of a Turkish helicopter that crashed near Tel Abyad. "After the helicopter crashed and those on board were evacuated, the Turkish F-16 launched a missile strike at the emergency landing site.", the Telegram community said in a statement.

It should be clarified that the Turkish side categorically rejects the information that the military helicopter was shot down, however, if the video distributed by the Kurds is true, then obviously the loss of the military helicopter was a serious blow to the Turkish Air Force.

It is noteworthy that on the video itself you can see how the Kurds fire from automatic weapons, which confirms the fact that the rotorcraft could receive critical damage and already make an emergency landing after that.

It should be noted that against the background of evidence of the destruction of the Turkish helicopter, experts do not exclude that the information about the previously shot down Turkish fighter can also be true.