Armored Car Destroyed


Kurds destroyed the Turkish armored car. Video

The Turkish armored car was destroyed by a Kurdish missile.

Contrary to the existing agreements between the Kurdish armed forces, Russia and Turkey, it became known that the Syrian Kurds destroyed the Turkish armored car moving along the M4 highway, which is controlled daily by the Russian and Turkish military. As a result of the successful launch of the rocket, the armored car managed to undermine, as a result of which all who were in it died.

At the moment, it is known that the armored car was destroyed near the village of Ain Issa, and, most likely, inside were not Turkish soldiers (the vehicle was not in the convoy - approx. Ed.), But terrorists.

It should be clarified that the destruction of the Turkish vehicle was one of the first in the last few weeks, moreover, an attack by Kurdish armed forces followed after the official announcement that the Syrian democratic forces were breaking the agreement with Russia and Turkey.

The exact number of dead is not specified.