Burning tank


The Kurds announced the destruction of four tanks and a military aircraft of the Turkish Air Force

The Kurds announced the destruction of four Turkish tanks and one aircraft.

The ongoing operation of the Turkish military against the Kurds in northern Syria, according to the Kurds themselves, led to serious losses in the ranks of Turkey. According to the data presented by the current hour, the Syrian democratic forces, which are based on the Kurds, were able to destroy at least four Turkish tanks and one military aircraft (presumably, we are talking about a large reconnaissance drone - approx. Ed.).

Despite such high-profile statements, at the moment there is absolutely no evidence that the Kurds really managed to achieve any success in the fight against the Turkish army, not to mention the fact that the UAVs armed with Turkey carry out flights at heights that are not can be protected by portable air defense systems, armed with the Syrian democratic forces.

It should be clarified that Damascus is categorically against the military invasion of Turkey, however. Moreover, the Syrian Arab Army will not provide support to the Kurds due to previously existing disagreements, as well as due to an alliance with the United States.

The Kurds destroyed only their pants as a result of diarrhea that suddenly struck them. Well, their high-profile victorious cries cost nothing - terrorists always yell about their victories when they successfully urinate them. Managed at the sight of a tank, and they scream that they knocked out four tanks.