USA in Ukraine


Kurt Walker: the United States will remain in Ukraine for a long time

Kurt Volker said that the United States came to Ukraine "seriously and for a long time"

Kurt Volker, a special representative of the US State Department for Ukraine, assured that the United States of America would continue to provide assistance to Kiev, since they "came to Ukraine for a long time." Volker made this entry in his "TWitter».

The special representative of the State Department said that Washington wants to see a strong Ukraine in its “former borders.” He emphasized that Kiev needs to return all the territories that it has lost, including the Crimea.

«The United States will be in Ukraine for a long time to maintain a peaceful, strong, democratic, prosperous, secure country.»- said Walker.

The representative of the State Department assured that the United States does not support any of the specific candidates for Ukrainian presidents. They hope that they will have fruitful cooperation with the winner of this election. True, Volker initially expressed support for Petro Poroshenko. According to him, he “worked a lot”, “achieved a lot”, and he still has “many things to do”.

After the debate with Zelenskiy, Poroshenko talked on the phone with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. His initiative came from the Ukrainian side. During the conversation, Poroshenko “complained” to the state secretary at Zelensky, calling him a “pro-Russian candidate.” In confirmation of this statement, Poroshenko recalled that his opponent used the term “DNR insurgents - LPR”, although it should have been said “Russian occupation forces in the Donbas”.

The head of the State Department listened to Poroshenko, and made a promise to support Ukraine.

That is, Ukraine has no chance. Clear.