A quadcopter filmed the destruction of a large field ammunition depot

A small drone destroyed a field ammunition depot with one well-placed hit.

A commercial drone located and successfully eliminated a large field warehouse of ammunition and weapons. It took only one small ammunition to hit the target, accurately dropped on boxes of shells laid out in the open.

On video frames, you can see how an unmanned aerial vehicle drops a small munition (its type has not yet been determined). As soon as the latter falls on the stockpiled ammunition boxes, there is an immediate explosion, accompanied by a violent detonation. The power of the explosion can be judged by how the drone shook quite strongly, even though the latter was at an altitude of several hundred meters, where, after a few seconds, a column of smoke had already risen.

Drones, including those of a commercial nature, have demonstrated a fairly high efficiency of their use. In this regard, experts believe that future promising developments will be associated precisely with the development and creation of unmanned aerial vehicles that are more adapted to use, taking into account existing realities.


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