Latvia has deployed NATO missile systems with a range of up to 50 kilometers near the borders of Russia

Latvia has deployed Spanish NASAMS missile systems on the border with Russia.

A few hours ago, the mass deployment of the Spanish NASAMS anti-aircraft missile systems began in Latvia. The latter are designed to destroy unmanned aerial vehicles, aircraft and cruise missiles and can pose a fairly serious threat, as they use AMRAAM aviation cruise missiles.

At the moment, it is known that NASAMS anti-aircraft missile systems were transferred to Latvia by the Spanish side. Speech, according to preliminary data, is about one battery. However, judging by the photographs, in reality, we can talk about a much larger number of air defense systems than the NATO countries are trying to position.

The maximum range of destruction of NASAMS complexes is up to 50 kilometers. At the same time, the latter are deployed in such a way that they cover part of the Russian territory. This could well be considered an aggressive step on the part of NATO.

At the moment, there are no details on this, however, the arming of Latvia with advanced medium-range air defense systems indicates that NATO can prepare for an armed conflict. This, in the context of rather cold relations between Russia and the Alliance, is a matter of serious concern.