Lavrov: Ukrainian paramilitary formations began to distribute MANPADS

Ukrainian paramilitary formations began the distribution of MANPADS.

The head of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sergei Lavrov, said that the situation in Ukraine is becoming extremely difficult. This is due to the fact that the Ukrainian paramilitary formations are actively being put into service with man-portable air defense systems. According to the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry, the situation resembles a psychosis. This can lead to a complete destabilization of the situation in the region.

The situation in Ukraine is currently completely uncontrollable, which can lead to irreparable consequences and even provoke a full-scale armed conflict, including with Russia. At the same time, the provocations that the VFU can arrange may well be specially adjusted.

“I do not rule out that someone would like to provoke hostilities. And the Kiev regime does not control a huge number of military personnel. According to the West, even, in my opinion, there are about 100 on the line of contact. And the Kiev regime does not control most of these armed people. They are already being handed out MANPADS - this is information that is actively circulating in the media. They are encouraged to bring hunting rifles with them, because there are not enough MANPADS for everyone. It's just such a militaristic psychosis"- said Sergey Lavrov.

The situation in the Donbass has indeed become very seriously aggravated, because contrary to Kiev’s statements about the commitment to a peaceful solution of issues in the Donbass, the military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine arbitrarily attack the positions of the DPR and LPR militias, and sabotage and reconnaissance groups penetrate the territory controlled by the militia and create provocations, which clearly does not lead to stabilization of the situation.

There are very significant risks that after the transfer of foreign weapons to paramilitaries (and we are talking about British and American anti-tank systems), the latter may begin to be randomly used against civilians, including Russian citizens.


And what does the horse care about the material allowance of the Armed Forces of Ukraine?

ATGM? So what? Nothing to answer? WHO WILL PROHIBITE - for a shot of a ZSU / ATGM / ATGM / yes, po.uy - launching a YARS (or similar in response) - what's the problem?

Themselves to blame allowed

They nullified the opportunity for helicopters ... But you can’t just not sell electricity to Ukraine, etc. let the MANPADS - and they drown ...

And you wanted Lavrov, an experienced diplomat, to add: "... Therefore, we must destroy them!"?

There, the expiration date of MANPADS ends, you need to urgently use

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time to make the enemy think. It's always like that in war, they don't express concern there.