Hydroplane Cessna 206


Light-engined seaplane collided with a helicopter in the suburbs

In the suburbs a helicopter collided with a small-engine aircraft.

The incident took place the previous night, while, according to information available to the Avia.pro news agency, the pilot of the seaplane is guilty of the accident that occurred Cessna 206, which made an unauthorized takeoff, thereby creating unsafe conditions. At the moment, the exact number of victims and victims is not specified, however, according to existing data, the number of participants in the disaster can be from 8 to 9 people.

Direct eyewitnesses to the crash reported that the pilot of the Cessna 206 seaplane performed dangerous maneuvers throughout almost the entire day, and at one point he rammed a Robinson R44 light helicopter, apparently losing control.

In fact the incident is conducted investigation verification, in this case, investigators are trying to establish all the possible circumstances of the incident. Among other things, it remains unknown why the manager has not taken any action against the pilot of small-engine aircraft Cessna 206, even though he knew that the crash was committed without permission.


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