Light-engine aircraft crashed into buildings in the Japanese capital

A light-engine aircraft crashed in a residential area of ​​Tokyo.

A private single-engine plane crashed in the capital of Japan this morning, while, according to information received by the information portal, there were two people on board a light-engine aircraft who died in the crash. Nevertheless, it was not possible to do without victims on the ground - according to official data of the local rescue service, a girl died at the moment directly in the building when the plane crashed in the residential quarter, while a number of damages were noted on the ground, but their nature was not specified .

It is assumed that the cause of the plane crash that happened to the light-engine aircraft is an engine failure, however, the possibility that the pilot of the aircraft could also make a mistake is not excluded.

Among other things, there were reports that four more people were injured as a result of the crash, but officially these data were not confirmed, as the state and nature of the injuries and injuries among these people were not described.


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