Light-engine aircraft "Zodiac" crashed in the Stavropol Territory

In the Stavropol region crashed light aircraft.

As it became known to from the messages of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the North Caucasus region, the light-engine Zodiac aircraft crashed in the Georgievsky district, approximately two kilometers from the airfield "Nezlobnaya", from where the pilot of the aircraft made a flight.

When the wreck, the plane caught fire, which complicated the work of the rescuers, who later discovered the body of the pilot himself, who was on board without other passengers. What exactly caused the incident to happen at the moment is unknown, but there is an opinion that the man could simply not cope with the management, because at the time of departure the aircraft was examined, and no technical problems were revealed on it.

It is worth emphasizing that for the last month the current catastrophe in the territory of the Stavropol Territory has become the third.