News "18 new coronavirus mutations have been identified in Russia"

Russian scientists have identified 18 new coronavirus mutations.

Russian scientists have managed to find at least 18 new mutations of the COVID-19 coronavirus in Russia. All of them were found in the body of a 47-year-old Russian woman, moreover, it is reported that some of the detected mutations are identical to those that were previously discovered in Europe, however, there are others, about which practically nothing is known at the moment.

“A comparative study of smears taken from the patient in spring and late summer was carried out. Sequencing of the genome revealed the presence of many new mutations, two of which were identical to those found in minks in Denmark. The authors of the work clarified that one of these "mink" strains had previously been found in another patient with weakened immunity, who was treated with plasma with antibodies ", - reports the Russian edition "" with reference to the publication of Russian scientists.

Given the potential for the coronavirus to mutate at such a rapid pace, experts have expressed some concern as despite the emergence of vaccines and treatments for the coronavirus, the number of people infected continues to increase every day.