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Leonkov: American aircraft carrier can remain forever in the Baltic Sea ... under water

Alexey Leonkov: American aircraft carrier may not leave the Baltic Sea

The Oreanda-News information agency publishes the opinion of military expert Alexei Leonkov on the situation in the Baltic Sea. He notes that this sea is completely swept by the Russian military complexes. This means that if the behavior of the US air force becomes aggressive, the American aircraft carrier will not be able to leave the Baltic Sea.

Such an assumption was made by an expert during an interview with the World Bank on Economics Today. At the same time, Leonkov clarified that the greatest danger to the military forces of NATO are the Onyx anti-ship missiles. They are able to hit a target 600 kilometers away.

The arsenal of the Russian armed forces is regularly replenished and becomes more perfect. This applies to both protective and damaging installations.

Quite a few politicians in the Scandinavian countries speak out against joining NATO. The negative consequences of poorly thought-out actions in their history have already been; not to join an alliance means to ensure the possibility of avoiding them in the future.