Magadan Airport


Fly to Magadan has become much more expensive

Fly between Magadan and Moscow has become more expensive.

According to unconfirmed reports, in the past two weeks, the cost of flying between Moscow and Magadan rose 23,5%, moreover, increased airfare has been initiated is not a carrier, in particular, increased tariffs and the airline "Aeroflot" and the carrier "Russia" and operator "VIM-Avia", with the most expensive rates it offers "Aeroflot" - in the period from May to August, the cost of the flight will cost future passengers 132 thousand rubles.

It should be clarified that the passengers raised concerns as rising prices for airline tickets is clearly not justified, at least two carriers, and a similar situation is observed throughout the summer period.

In accordance with article 325 of the Labor Code, persons of the Russian Federation, working in companies located in the Far North and equivalent areas are eligible for payment once every two years at the expense of the employer's cost of travel and baggage within the territory of the Russian Federation to the site use of vacation and back.
The right to compensation for these expenses arise from the employee at the same time with the right to an annual paid leave for the first year of work in this organization.



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