Flying to Bangkok spouses were not allowed on board

January 22 2014. No wonder why the police Irkutsk airport the flight took off two not quite adequate to the passengers, who were going to travel to Thailand. As it turned out, they were under the influence of a considerable number of alcoholic beverages. This was reported to "Interfax" the East Siberian linear control of the Interior Ministry.

Yesterday, at about midnight, the duty unit was disturbed by a bell. The crew of one of the planes, which was going to fly from Irkutsk to Bangkok, summoned a police squad. The commander of the liner taking off into the sky announced his decision not to let on board two people, who, moreover, turned out to be spouses. They were pretty drunk and couldn't even provide any information about themselves.

Both spouses administrative violations and police drawn up have been shown as they appeared in a state of intoxication in a public place and therefore offended human dignity. Irkutsk airport aircraft still time left on schedule.


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