Airline Alrosa


In the summer of Tomsk can fly to Anapa, Sochi and Simferopol

In Tomsk opened ticket sales for flights to Anapa, Sochi and Simferopol.

According to the news, currently at the box office air harbor Tomsk available to sell tickets to Anapa, Sochi and Simferopol, and although these flights will be operated only in the spring and summer program, experts believe that most of the flights in the near future It will be sold out.

It is necessary to clarify the fact that the air service to Anapa with 13 start of June, flights will be carried out in Simferopol "Alrosa" airline with 14 June and planes Tomsk Sochi will fly with 16 of June.

At the moment, selling tickets to some extent limited by, inter alia, to book flights on certain dates impossible, because of engineering works.