Air Defense NASAMS


Lithuanian military detonated air defense system during tests

The Lithuanian military damaged the NASAMS air defense system even before being adopted.

A few days ago, the resource talked about how Lithuania was preparing to adopt the Norwegian air defense systems NASAMS, as it turned out, during the tests of these air defense systems, Lithuanian technicians damaged one of the systems - the damage was estimated at approximately 11 million dollars.

“According to a company employee, the low professionalism of Lithuanian technicians led to the breakdown of one of the components of the system, which will require additional time and financial resources to eliminate it. Nevertheless, Lithuania retains the intention to get the system in use. Even though the incident will increase the final cost of the contract by approximately 10% of the initial amount ”- reports the publication "Military Review".

It should be clarified that the publication does not provide any details, however, sources on social networks report that the explosion was the cause of damage to the NASAMS air defense system.

It should be noted that despite the high cost of air defense systems acquired by Lithuania, they are capable of hitting targets only at short distances.