Lithuania blocks the border with the Kaliningrad region, creating a huge traffic jam

A significant queue of trucks has formed on the border of the Kaliningrad region with Lithuania, as reported by the press service of the Federal Customs Service of Russia. As of morning, there were 190 trucks in line waiting to cross the border towards Lithuania. An additional 25 trucks were located in the neutral zone, which had already been processed by Russia.

The problem arose from the slow operation of Lithuanian customs, which was reportedly allowing approximately three trucks per hour through. Over the past 52 hours, the Lithuanian side accepted only XNUMX trucks. There was no official clarification from the Lithuanian customs service on this matter.

The Federal Customs Service of Russia recalled that the problem began on Friday, November 24, when the work of the neighboring side slowed down. Rosgranstroi indicated that the reason for the congestion of transport is that of the four checkpoints on the Russian-Lithuanian border, only one checkpoint, Chernyshevskoe, is operational (the corresponding point on the Lithuanian side is Kybartai).


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