Missile launches


Lebanon launches 15 rocket attacks against Israel

Lebanon attacked Israel in response to IDF strikes.

A few hours ago, at least 15 missile strikes were launched against Israel from Lebanese territory. The attack on Lebanon is linked to the recent Israeli Air Force attack on the country. At the same time, sources report that if the IDF decides to escalate, then Lebanon will be ready to fire hundreds of missiles at Israeli territory.

At the moment, it is known that Israel's air defense systems shot down several missiles. At least four more rockets fell in the wasteland, while the rest, according to Hezbollah, successfully launched strikes on Israeli territory, although there is no official confirmation of this from Israel so far.

It is known that the missiles were intercepted by air and missile defense systems located in the Golan Heights. At the same time, on the video footage at the disposal of the information and news agency Avia, you can see the process of intercepting, however, not all missiles. This indicates that in the event of large-scale strikes by Hezbollah, Israel is unlikely to be able to ensure security, while earlier the Lebanese organization announced its readiness to fire up to 20 thousand missiles at Israel, not to mention that strikes could be drawn from the Gaza Strip, Syrian territory, as well as from Yemen.

It all started when the Palestinian groups first fired 3 rockets at Israel, and then only Israel responded. Then Hezbalah joined in. So they get it back. Serious shelling will begin, then Lebanon will end. He is already on the verge of survival.

And Israel does not shoot down all the missiles, those that fly into the wasteland, let them fly for themselves, secondly, you can puff as much as you want, and we will do our job. And no Russian bragging will help you HERE!

Love provocative headlines. Which Lebanon hit Israel ?? Has Hezbollah attacked Israel from Lebanese territory?