Lebanon invited Russia to bring down American planes together

In Lebanon, they want to attack American and Israeli aircraft with Russian air defense.

Lebanon is actively considering the possibility of starting military cooperation with Russia. The reason for this is the unpunished actions of both the United States and Israel, while Lebanon itself is actively discussing the acquisition of Russian short- and medium-range air defense systems in order to attack U.S. and Israeli airplanes in the event of their illegal appearance in the country's airspace.

It is noteworthy that the Lebanese organization Hezbollah is actively trying to support the Syrian military, and after a glaring incident with the attack of the Syrian military base near Masyaf, more emphasis was placed on intensifying cooperation with Russia to obtain air defense systems that can ensure both the security of Lebanon itself, and the territory of Syria, and, obviously, Russia is extremely interested in this, since the military bases will receive additional reinforcement.

“In an interview with Sputnik radio (Arabic version), military expert Dr. Amin Ahteit said that yesterday’s attack by the Israeli defense forces was not the first — they used Lebanese airspace to bomb Syria. “Since Syria was able to rebuild its air defense platforms, Israel used Lebanese airspace to launch its aggression against Syria. He went through four air routes from the south and north and two in the center, aimed at Damascus and its environs, the Homs and its environs, as well as at Hama and its environs, ”the military expert said. “They also attacked Aleppo, and this time in a series of consecutive Israeli aggressions against Syria, there is a connection, using Lebanon as a passage for their aircraft,” he said, indicating that the Lebanese armed forces have no air defense systems to control their own airspace . According to Dr. Ahteit, the Lebanese army cannot receive air defense equipment for two reasons: firstly, because of financial opportunities, and secondly, because of US intervention. “The United States and its allies, especially Israel, are preventing Lebanon from entering the world arms market, acquiring an air defense system, and are also putting pressure on Lebanon by the United States, not allowing it to accept the offers of Russia, China and Iran to provide it with an air defense system to Lebanese airspace continued to be open to Israeli aggression, ”he said.”- приводит information Lebanese publication "Al-Masdar news".

It should be clarified that this is not the first time that Lebanon is discussing the possibility of acquiring several Russian complexes, including the Pantsir-S air defense missile system, however, until today no significant steps have been taken in this direction .


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