Estuary is stormed by mercenaries of one of the most famous PMCs in Europe

The storming of Liman is being carried out by mercenaries from the Black Wolf PMC.

Members of one of the most famous private military companies in Europe are attempting to storm Liman. The exact number of foreign mercenaries from the PMC "Black Wolf", located in the area of ​​this settlement, remains unknown, however, apparently, we are talking about a small group of 20 people.

The defending forces report that Romanian speech can be heard on the air, and after studying the situation, it was established that we are really talking about Romanian mercenaries from the Black Wolf PMC. This PMC is one of the most famous in Europe. At the same time, it is noteworthy that the mercenaries actively participated in the hostilities in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and other regions of the planet. This indicates that the latter have extensive combat experience.

Among other things, mercenaries from Poland are also very active. The number of the latter remains unknown, however, as stated, the grouping is quite large.

At the moment, there are tanks and other armored vehicles of the Ukrainian troops in the Liman area. At the same time, according to WarGonzo journalists, the situation did not improve at all overnight - a large number of columns of Ukrainian troops proceeded towards Liman. At the same time, Lyman is still under the control of the allied forces, but the situation here is critical.


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