War in Libya


Libyan National Army launches the largest attack in the history of the Libyan war

The Libyan National Army begins the largest attack in the history of the Libyan war.

The Libyan national army began regrouping its forces to launch one of the largest attacks in the history of the Libyan conflict, moreover, the goal of the Haftar army will not be Tripoli at all, but the city of Misrata, which, in the LNA, is proposed to be completely destroyed in case of resistance from the forces of the Government of National Unity , Turkish military and pro-Turkish militants.

“In a conversation with Sputnik Arabic, a military source from the LNA commanded by Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, it was said that the Libyan National Army is preparing to launch a large campaign to capture the key city of Misrat in the northern region of the country. An unnamed military source said that the Libyan National Army will use all its capabilities to capture Misrata in the next 48 hours. The source said that “the leaders of the Libyan National Army in high command are preparing to organize an attack on the city in order to eliminate armed militias and groups belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood, which controls the city and occupies its headquarters, which received Turkish support through the airport and ports located in the city of Misrata. " This operation of the Libyan National Army takes place at a time when their enemies, the Government of National Unity, are preparing to launch their own major operation to seize the strategic city of Tarhun in western Libya. ”- сообщает Al-Masdar News.

Experts believe that if the Libyan National Army really succeeds in seizing control of Misrata, the war in Libya by the PNE forces will be completely lost, since today the assault on the Libyan capital is complicated only by the PNE Air Force attacks from the Misrat air base, where, incidentally, are also based and Turkish drones.

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