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Low-cost airline Pobeda will fly from Krasnoyarsk to Yekaterinburg

Airline "Victory" is preparing to carry out flights from Krasnoyarsk to Yekaterinburg.

The news agency Avia.pro became aware of the agreement between the Russian low-cost airline Pobeda and the management of Yemelyanovo airport the day before, and despite the fact that the cost of air tickets still remains unknown, and they will go on sale only after a while, experts call the new the air route is quite successful for a low-cost airline, and guarantees at least 92% of the flight load.

According to some currently available data, the Russian low-cost airline will operate its flights between Krasnoyarsk and Yekaterinburg with a frequency of three times a week - on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. 


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