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Low-cost airline "Pobeda" starts flying to Turkey

Airline "Victory" is preparing to open flights to Turkey.

The first passenger flight of the domestic low-cost airline Pobeda to Turkey will be operated this morning, in particular, according to, the plane will take off from the capital's Vnukovo airport at 7. Experts believe that flights to Turkey will bring significant benefits to the Russian low-cost airline, and at the same time will meet the needs of Russian citizens, especially since the opening of the holiday season is expected within the next two months.

Of note is the fact that the fleet of the company "Victory" consists of only 12 aircraft, however, at the end of the year 2016, 4,3 loukosterov able to serve one million passengers.

A good low-cost airline, has no money, secured, and that has to fly to the victory :))



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