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Low-cost airline "Pobeda" sells tickets for 1 ruble

Russian loukoster "Victory" rasprodaёt tickets 1 ruble.

According to the resource, the domestic air carrier "Pobeda" is holding a campaign, within the framework of which tickets for all operating routes are sold at a cost of 1 ruble. The conditions of the promotion are limited only in time - in order to buy a ticket for a Pobeda flight, you need to do it before September 25. To date, the Russian low-cost airline has already sold more than 10 thousand tickets, while the number of applicants is growing steadily.

To ticket at a price of 1 ruble was valid, the passenger is required to use it during the period from October 13 2015 23, on December 2015 year, or, in the period from January 18 2016 26, on March 2016 years.

Why has the extremely low price of tickets remains so far unknown.