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Loucoster "Victory" will fly on international routes

Russian loukoster Pobeda can begin to make international flights from the end of this year.

The information is not officially confirmed yet, however, experts say that the rumors are likely to be plausible, since in fact the majority of popular air routes on the territory of Russia, the air carrier Pobeda has already exhausted.

Most likely, if the flights loukostera "Victory" on international routes and will be carried out, the first thing they will affect the CIS countries and the closely spaced states, however, in turn Resource experts note that in this case the routes should be carefully It worked, or otherwise loaded aircraft will not be the maximum, and the air carrier may begin to suffer losses.

Among other things, it is worth emphasizing that loukoster "Victory" can not immediately enter international routes, as it contradicts the Federal Aviation Regulations, which will have to change.