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Loukosterov "Victory" was released in profit in just one year of its activity

The Russian low-cost “Victory” showed a high return on investment in the first year of its activity.

Initially, when creating a low-cost air carrier, it was assumed that the airline will be able to pay off only during the 2-3 years, but, as practice has shown, in just a year the domestic air carrier was able to fully recoup the cost of its creation, and moreover, to make a profit of 37 million Rubles. Experts believe that in view of such circumstances, in the near future the domestic airline "Pobeda" will be able to increase its activity many times more so, since recently the air carrier began to operate on international air routes, where a significant increase in passenger traffic is expected due to low prices.

Experts do not exclude the possibility that in the near future in the country can be formed, and other low-cost airlines.