Salon aircraft Victory


Loukosterov "Victory" zashёt pockets in aircraft seats

Airline "Victory" will leave passengers in their seats without pockets of its airliners.

As explained by representatives of domestic loukostera, work associated with suturing pockets in the aircraft seats will be made in the near future. According to experts, this is due to point out, first of all, to the fact that most of the passengers without any reverence for the airline property, leaving pockets of seats debris that naturally causes a lot of inconvenience.

The savings in cleaning agents aircraft carrier intends to send to the increase in the number of cheap tickets, what passengers will certainly be interested, and, consequently, any conflict on this issue can be avoided.

There will be pockets of his I throw Napoli. Not really think that all the garbage with you will take. Or the following sentence from the Victory: the entrance to the aircraft with a sealed hand luggage. Or bit 99 999.001.

And without pockets will suffer all the garbage from the street in a box? Hahaha, everyone will just throw on the floor when you exit.

Worse than the victory of the carrier I have not seen! Pockets in the chairs will sew)) Better to let your greed darned soon absolutely no customers remain!

to remove that low-cost airlines and more lavatories, put in place a bench-range benefits and savings

Better loukosterov victory changed voluntarily allowed luggage weight to 10 23 kg and reduced the fee for tickets within Russia, which is higher mezhdunarodnyh..Nedavno the Armed Forces issued a decision to change the rules of transportation of baggage by S7, I would like this to be a precedent case and Victory.

And still obliged to wear shoe covers.

And the toilets are closed (that would not gadili), remove all the seats (costing more will) to reduce the crew to one of the pilot and passengers on the road to land without landing. Yet in order to save rename into trouble. That's saving will (mind you, I share on Po..bede not fly)!

Chairs should be removed. People are more fit. Will NOT be expensive chairs to sit and spoil.

and Th, it has its own logic, at the same time would be less forgotten things.