The best of the best! Russian armored car "Tiger" survived after the explosion in Syria

Russian military equipment has once again proved its reliability.

Photos of the Russian armored vehicle "Tiger", which was attacked, appeared on the Internet. According to a number of information, the Russian armored car was blown up, however, even despite very serious damage, the vehicle was able to survive, and with it all those who were inside this equipment.

In the presented photographs published on social networks, you can see that the Russian armored car received very serious damage - all four wheels were broken and the front part was damaged. According to the Telegram channel Military Informant, the vehicle belongs to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, while it is reported that nothing was known about this incident before.

A rather remarkable detail is the disguise of a Russian military vehicle, which, obviously, indicates the fact that it operated in desert areas, while the windows were specially smeared with mud so as not to give out the position of the armored car with glare of the armored glass. This fact may indicate that the Tiger was used in eastern Syria.

When exactly this incident occurred is not reported, however, apparently, the armored vehicle withstood the attack, protecting all the soldiers inside.

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