Lukashenko did not want to see Putin as the leader of the Union State

Belarus does not consider Putin the future leader of the Union State.

The President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko refused to see Vladimir Putin as the future head of the Union State, and therefore, he does not intend to conclude any agreements on integration and unification with Russia at the moment. Information on this is provided by the Russian information publication Lenta, citing journalists from Bloomberg.

“Russian President Vladimir Putin several times tried to convince his Belarusian counterpart, Alexander Lukashenko, to unite the two states to create a superpower. This became known to the agency «Bloomberg» from two sources in the Kremlin. According to them, the plan was discussed by the presidents in December last year, but it was not possible to agree at a personal meeting in February in Sochi because of Lukashenko's categorical refusal. According to the agency’s interlocutors, thanks to this scenario, Putin could remain in power even after the end of his presidency as the leader of the new Union State. ”- it is said in the material "".

It is not known how reliable such information is, but it was previously reported that Belarus refused to integrate with Russia due to the fact that this fact will affect the sovereignty of the Belarusian state, while the overwhelming majority of Belarusians themselves are against integration.

It is noteworthy that earlier it became known that Alexander Lukashenko, in a conversation with Mike Pomeo, said that, if necessary, Belarus could turn off the Russian radars of early warning of a nuclear strike from the west, which indicates Minsk’s intentions to more work closely with NATO and Europe against Russia.

Why R.F. can not answer Turkey with a proper rebuff? Do not forget that Turkey is part of NATO. And if we get involved with Turkey in combat skirmishes, the entire armada of NATO is obliged to intervene. And no matter how R.F. "full wolf", against 29 countries of the North Atlantic. We cannot survive the alliance. Hence, such passivity and economy. there will be enough power for us, remembering how many forces the same USSR blew up with NATO in a nuclear race. Now creating new weapons, as if we would not get on the same rake. And why are we fighting in Syria? There and GAZ hoo how much oil. As soon as Syria "terrorists" began to sell cheaper black gold and world prices crawled down, ours grabbed their heads ... Everywhere we have our interests, both the Americans and the Turks, too.

It should be reminded to the author that all the so-called independent states appeared after Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin wanted to reign, and Muscovites (despite the entire population of the then USSR during the State Emergency Committee) supported him. The Russian Federation even had such a holiday - Independence Day - I think from Ukrainians, Belarusians, and Kazakhs. And now, at the head of the Russian Federation are people who ruined the country, policemen walk the streets - in the victorious country in the Second World War. Who, now in their right mind, wants to unite with the Russian Federation.

At least one politician thinks soundly, well done Old Man!

If unified, Belarus will be sacked in a few years. Neither Old Man, nor the Belarusians themselves need this ..

Yes, this sovereignty appeared in Belarus 20 years ago, and after all all the time the peoples of Russia and Belarus were considered Russian, and the whole difference is that if the states unite, Lukashenko will lose his power or maybe even something else more substantial, he wants to be a prince and therefore rests on its land in all possible ways to prevent this from happening !!! because Belarusians are essentially Western Russians, and by the way Ukrainians, too !!!

It wasn’t about extending Putin’s presidency. A purely economic association was conceived, too much money was invested in Belarus.