Lukashenko on integration with Russia: I'm not a kid - this will never happen to me

Lukashenko firmly outlined the position on integration with Russia.

Contrary to the arguments of Russian analysts and the media that Belarus has revised the issue of integration with Russia, President Alexander Lukashenko made a tough statement to Russia, emphasizing that there will never be integration with Russia.

The Belarusian leader noted that Russia's statements about the advance of the West on Belarus are fake and have no basis for existence.

“We never intended and are not going to be part of any state, even fraternal Russia ... Remember, the main thing: I’m not the kid who worked as President for 3 − 4 − 5 years. And I do not want to cross out everything that I have done with you, the people, creating a sovereign independent state, so that it can now be put in some kind of box with a cross at the top. No need to strain that here after Ukraine we are, that Russia will start a war against us, that the West will attack us. For this we are, so that no one steps on us. All this is fake to nobody»- said the Belarusian leader.

It should be clarified that the statement of the Belarusian president found support among the Belarusians, who commented on Lukashenko’s position as follows:

“Well, we are integrating with Russia, so what? In the case of a grand schucher, war will be on our territory. Do we need it? ”

“Learn from Switzerland!” "Never entered into alliances with anyone, and still no one is trying to occupy or conquer it."

“No one is against the union, but probably we are not talking about equal conditions”

“Russia has promised to protect Syria, but for some reason, Israel, the United States and NATO continue to actively bomb the country. Who knows, maybe they will also protect us ... "

Such comments raise a lot of questions, especially considering the fact that Russia is an important strategic partner of Belarus.

It is noteworthy that, according to the Belarusian leader, because of statements by Russian politicians, he personally forbade taking loans from Russia, which, obviously, may indicate intentions to return to a neutral position in economic and political issues.

hungry Belarusians and warriors will hang this clown, when the Russian Federation stops giving subsidies and closes the market, the West doesn’t feed it, they don’t even want to feed the Baltic states, the last dill .. eat up on Polish beds

Belorusska Svetlana Aleksievich, Laureate of the 2015 Nobel Prize of the Year for Literature: - "Of the last 200 years of Russia, 150 years have fought BUT NEVER LIVED WELL." And I’ll add, and today in Russia people live like a bosom, Zhuyu Puylo with his cooperative "Lake" rotenbergs, promissory notes and daribaski, and the people of the Russian Federation as slaves-tramps

This leader is so whirling in his Wishlist and dreams that already disgust is running out

If Russia forbade taking loans, therefore
they already exist from the side.

Of course, you can offer such neutrality to absolutely neutral gas prices for oil and Belarusians' access to our agricultural market. Well, loans to help them from the IMF.