Lukashenko accused Russia of interfering in elections in Belarus and the "chopped off" part of Ukraine

Lukashenko accused Russia of interfering in the elections in Belarus.

The eccentric Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko attacked Russia with harsh criticism, saying that it was directly interfering with the election campaign in the country. According to Lukashenko, opposition structures in Belarus are supported by Russian funds.

“No, there was no new protest movement. Yes, there were some dissatisfied. Yes, they will always be. But what is the new protest movement? These are the years. He is not there. But they do not want to connect themselves with the radical opposition, which has always fought with us in the squares. But it didn’t work out. At Komarovka, the Bel-Chirvona-Bela and the European flag were unfurled. And those who today are financed by Russian oligarchs clearly understood that, with the money of Russian oligarchs, they are leading this frost-bitten so-called radical opposition to power in Belarus. And these lines are a small Belarusian carousel, as I call it, and a large Belarusian carousel. Small, the essence of it is that they signed here, then again went into this queue, got up in the tail, still signed ... And let's go, let's go. They even got to the point, the mayor of Minsk noticed that people were being taken in cars. They signed, got into the car, they drove them around the block, again put in line. And the big roundabout is that they signed on Komarovka one Sunday, and these same people, well, maybe then some more were added, they came again and signed ”- said Lukashenko.

Among other things, the Belarusian president also accused Russia of a “choppy” part of the territory of Ukraine, apparently implying the return of the Crimean peninsula to Russia.

“The only post-Soviet country that has not seen grief. It seems to some Belarusians that somewhere far away Ukraine was destroyed, there is a war there, chopped off part of the territory ”- stressed Lukashenko

Given such statements by Alexander Lukashenko, it is obvious that in the near future very serious complications should be expected in relations between Russia and Belarus, especially since this is far from the first accusation by Belarus against Russia.

it seems to me that Lukashenko means that in Belarus it can start like in Kiev and it is very likely that the Poles neighbors will start something about western Belarus, there are very many who have a Pole map, they can hold a referendum like in Crimea, not the fact that some people think that he means Russia, that we chopped off, I think that he (above written) is worried. so with their actions, no matter how we succeeded, like Chernomyrdin, they wanted the best, but it turned out .... voooot. here we need to think hard, and then, after Ukraine, we will lose and Belarus, and then we will lament

Haha, now they will fight because of Elena, at the crossroads of which city to put her!

The roof has completely moved down. It would be better to go to the medical examination.

Not enough man brains leave with dignity. And now various well-wishers of roofing felts for red, roofing felts for white will begin to climb into Belarus. That's how civil wars begin!

Belarus did not see grief. (C)
Now I know everything about Belarus.

It is time to finish jumping around this Poroshenko II. Give him a real assessment of the Russophobia and the enemy of Russia, and act accordingly.

It is such a blessing for Lukashenko to get Elena. Go down to earth, writer.

While fed and kept, stroking the wool - he sang one; I wanted to live in a new way: both ours and yours, and the chairs are unstable, and here the elections, the chairs swayed even more, here it burst, here the father’s inside crawled out, the authorities felt disgusting!

So she uncovered.
Maybe now they will stop throwing him money from Russia and giving privileges and preferences?

I read your comment about how valuable you are; Lukashenko is sleeping and sees you getting it. The easing of the visa regime is from 85 euros to 35 euros, let me remind you that our visa has been worth it for a long time.Corobesia in Russia primarily saves you, but in Belarus everything is very sad, I immediately clarify that my mother and brother live in Brest. It’s good to sit on the couch and rant.

And I just began to respect the President of Belarus. He didn’t close the borders, he didn’t quarantine, he didn’t kill the economy. He is trying to establish relations with other countries, and agreed to soften the visa regime for Belarusians. After coronabesia in Russia, I am going to move to another country. I choose between Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia. If Lukashenko wins the election, Belarus will have good chances to get me. Waiting for the results.

And your old man didn’t grow into a chair, huh?)

Already this pensioner, who has rooted in a chair, has become mad in the struggle for power. If he is not moved now, there will be a second ruin in this police state.