Lukashenko announced that Crimea remains the Ukrainian peninsula

Lukashenka said he would not recognize Crimea.

During a press conference, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that the issue of recognition of Crimea within the Russian Federation by the Belarusian side is irrelevant. According to Lukashenko, today the Belarusian side does not recognize Crimea and will not do this until "...the last Russian oligarch will not start supplying products there».  In the context of the integration of the two countries, this raises a number of concerns. The question involuntarily arises whether such an alliance with a state that does not recognize Russian sovereignty and Russian borders is required.

“We are trying to build a Union State, within which each side will have to guarantee security and provide assistance to the opposite side. Russia is ready to provide assistance to Belarus in the event of an attack by NATO, however, judging by Lukashenko's words, if such a situation develops in Crimea, Belarus will not react to it. Do we need such an "ally"? "- the analyst asks.

It should be noted that earlier, during a meeting between Vladimir Putin and Lukashenko in Sochi, the Belarusian leader noted that he intends to launch flights to Crimea. Apparently, in just a few months the Belarusian side has fundamentally changed its views, and this despite the fact that Russia is providing official Minsk with all kinds of support.

Sandro, your words - "... not the mafia, then the billionaires would obey the president ..."
This is precisely the fusion of business and government, which is the definition of the mafia.
To demand from the president to eradicate all oligarchs and personally rule the country, as in cases of resolving "pot issues" on the air - THIS IS A DESIRE FOR AUTHORITY in Russia ... :)))
The power is real, but in "childhood" with childhood mistakes and in some places a child's ignorance.
In Sparta, the ephors watched both the activities of the kings (there were two of them) and the Spartans ... they kept like that for 700 years)))

as for me such a union sovereign Lukashenka Russia is not good?

Nikolay, NOW everything is correct, business does not go to Crimea and in this case it is not Grigorievich who works for the "mill of the USA". Sberbank - 25% of the shares belong to foreign investors and I remember that Bak "Deniz" is Turkish, this is also "Sberbank". Money and profit are more important.
But when the question of creating a unified union state is approaching the implementation phase, after endless conversations. then Alexander Grigorievich immediately found something to say - "for oil, he says, he is not ready to" sell "national sovereignty" .... Talk about a single currency also confuses him with "dependence" on the Bank of Russia, apparently, but he asks for even greater discounts. ...
Always, suddenly, something is at the last moment ..
So, in relations with Russia it is always PRINCIPAL TO CHANGE YOUR VIEWS has become a tradition))

Lukashenko said that he would recognize Crimea as Russian when the last Russian oligarch starts supplying food to Crimea. Why don't Russian oligarchs supply food to Crimea? It looks like there is no super-profit for them? Lukashenka is right, and I agree with him! Lukashenka said that Crimea recognizes!

If there was real power in Russia, not the mafia, then the billionaires would obey the president. In the meantime, everyone is busy with their own affairs, not paying attention to either Putin or the prosecutor's office.

Uazovod, everything with regards to Crimea has a double interpretation - on the one hand, everything is correct, since there are no Russian Hypermarkets and Sberbank and other enterprises like Yandex-taxi, for example, it is foolish to demand recognition from Alexander Grigorich.
On the other hand, Crimea is a constituent entity of the Russian Federation and this is fundamental for Russia, which Russia must and will defend, but what will Lukashenka's position be in this case? Moreover, at the same time, in Europe, Alexander Grigorievich is not going to be perceived as an equal in the "pink world" and will do everything to make it like in Ukraine.
And what is the point not to recognize the Crimea and fly "sideways" bypassing the Crimean sky? )) (Moreover, the EU showed its face by closing the sky for Belarus).

Everything is correct if our oligarchs are afraid to invest in Crimea
directly means they do not recognize it.

They took 5 words out of context and wrote a whole article ...
And here you immediately spawned comments ...

Old Man competently and fully disclosed his position.
It's okay, take care of the bile)))

IT IS PRINCIPAL TO CHANGE YOUR VIEWS in relation to Russia - this is Grigorich's calling card.

Belarus as an independent state is doomed

There is no one to treat him, and I have no time either.

Here Lukashenka is 100% right! What kind of part of Russia is this if the Russians themselves are afraid to deal with Crimea!

It is necessary to listen more attentively to the official speech of the official at the “Big Conversation with the President”.
And there is no need to pervert due to your misunderstanding ...

well then, the grandmother will no longer receive from the Russian Federation a ha ha

And rightly so, if Russian companies are afraid to poke their heads in there, why should he run ahead of the locomotive?

Nicely said, dad

But he is partially right.
If even Sberbank and others like it do not recognize Crimea as Russian, then why should it do it?

What to take from him? As he sat on 2 chairs, he continues to do it! The main thing is that they do not turn out to be electric. And then they will take him to the United States, and there he will quickly.



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