Lukashenka looks up


Lukashenka sees foreign mercenaries again

In Belarus, they again started talking about foreign mercenaries aimed at overthrowing Lukashenka.

Despite the fact that the Belarusian leader in the middle of last year accused Russia of trying to overthrow the power in the country by sending several hundred mercenaries to Belarus. Then, according to Lukashenka, he had all the evidence that Russia was in charge, however, the detained citizens of Russia were soon released, but Minsk never made an official apology, however, now Lukashenka announced that Western mercenaries were again trying to eliminate him. , which, against the background of the last miscalculation of the Belarusian leader, only led to ridicule.

“The head of the KGB of the Republic of Belarus said that the organized group had started to implement the plan to eliminate Alexander Lukashenko and organize an armed rebellion. The FSB of Russia detained two malefactors who were preparing a military coup in the Republic of Belarus and the elimination of the head of state. According to the FSB, Zyankovich arrived in Moscow after consultations in the United States and Poland to meet with representatives of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus in order to convince them to participate in a military coup with the participation of local and Ukrainian nationalists.

The details and circumstances of this have not been announced, and according to analysts, the information on this matter is again fake in nature - in this way Lukashenka is only trying to raise his rating, which, due to the crisis, began to fall even among his supporters.