Karabakh troops


Lukashenko supported Azerbaijan, which seized Karabakh

Lukashenko decided to support Azerbaijan after the capture of Karabakh.

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that he has a great attitude towards Azerbaijan and actually supports Baku in the restoration of territories in Karabakh. According to the Belarusian leader, the country will further deepen relations with Azerbaijan, since Belarus and Azerbaijan have excellent relations.

The Belarusian leader refused to make any direct statements regarding the armed conflict in Karabakh, however, the Armenian media are already actively discussing such friendship between Minsk and Baku, since despite the fact that Armenia is in the CSTO, during the conflict Belarus refused from providing assistance to Yerevan, and shortly before the conflict itself, the Belarusian side, according to unconfirmed reports, even delivered its electronic warfare systems and the "Polonez" MLRS to Azerbaijan, which was outraged by Yerevan.

It should be noted that earlier the Belarusian side stated that it supports the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, however, no explanations were made in this regard.

The Azerbaijani leader also announced his readiness for joint cooperation, while Aliyev is quite interested in the supply of Belarusian weapons.

cunning Armenians

Not captured, but liberated from the occupation. !!!!! If anything, you can look at the map.

Azerbaijan took what belongs to it. You don't have to lie.

Do not offend butterflies! And dad, this is a scoundrel, and Vova will not understand this to the end in any way. We will also lose Belarus ...

With all due respect to Lukashenka's domestic policy, in foreign policy he behaves like a moth with Tverskaya.