Alexander Lukashenko


Lukashenko demanded that Russia "not blather"

Alexander Lukashenko criticized Russia for the Su-30СМ.

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko issued a harsh statement stating that Belarus had acquired Russian Su-30СM fighters at its own expense and demanded that Russia “not blather” on this score.

“Recently, Belarus bought Su-30СМ planes from Russia for its money. But we also carry out the protection functions in this direction of the Russian Federation, the people of Russia. So why not help us? Why not put modern weapons? I mean, you don’t have to blather in the media and even at the state level that Belarusians are a kettlebell ”- said the Belarusian leader.

The exact reason for such a harsh statement against Russia by the Belarusian leader is unknown, but experts believe that this seriously undermines relations between the two countries, especially after Belarus announced that deployment on the territory of Russian military bases is not even considered in the near future.

Analysts, in turn, believe that Belarus is heading towards rapprochement with the West, as evidenced by the positive dialogue between this country and the EU, which is a rather serious undermining of interests for Russia