Lukashenko warned Russia about the likelihood of a "hot war" in which case

In Belarus, they decided to continue to escalate the situation in relations with Moscow, declaring a hot war with Russia.

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko announced that Minsk and Moscow are on the brink of a "hot war." So far, it has not come to this, however, according to the Belarusian leader, given the current situation, it may come to this.

“As the Belarusian leader noted, there is no“ hot war ”yet, but an attempt to organize a massacre in the center of Minsk is obvious, billions of dollars of resources have been thrown against the Belarusians and the latest technologies have been mobilized. And Lukashenka was surprised by the discussion that erupted over the detention of the Russians. "What are the conclusions ... We got to the point that the two presidents agreed. This is a very dangerous and strong signal. And all this is a lie: about Istanbul, about Venezuela, about Africa and Libya, apparently a bad geographer, I don't understand: why go to Africa fly through the North Pole? After all, it was easy to fly from Novorossiysk, Crimea, in the end. He waved - and there, in Istanbul. Why through Belarus? - Lukashenka stressed ", - about it сообщает Sputnik publication.

Lukashenka’s words raise a lot of questions, since, apart from accusations and threats against Russia, the Belarusian president has not yet presented any facts proving that the detained citizens of Russia, who are illegally held by Minsk, are in any way involved in the attempted coup and extremism.

“All we hear is groundless accusations. Lukashenka is already talking about a "hot war", although a few weeks ago he announced a military partnership with Russia and the fraternal people. If, according to Minsk, the detained Russians are really involved, then the relevant facts and evidence should be provided, and if Minsk does not have them, then such arguments are absolutely unacceptable ", - the analyst notes.

Luca banned coronavirus. And now he is delusional.

Another clown. He was going to fight with Russia. One bomb and no bklorussia

You can still deeply modernize aircraft from the Second World War or carts.

Something illogical Luka turns out ---- he is going to send chopovtsy to Ukraine, which means that they are de facto innocent in relation to Belarus If they went to arrange a massacre as Luka declares, they should be tried and serve in Belarus ---- similar to he was beaten with his terrorists and he runs around trying to attract attention

Yes, by any means he wants to keep the power, and so only to flee to him only not to Russia.

Lukashenka recently announced that he had had coronavirus on his legs. AND NOW HIS CONSEQUENCES!

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The Belarusian leader is afraid of the conflict in the Kaliningrad region and it can be assumed that he does not want to let the ground assistance of the Kaliningrad region through the territory of the Republic of Belarus. Perhaps that is why he repeatedly said that the Republic of Belarus only participated in other people's wars. BROTHERIC PEOPLE-CALLED. The USA smiled and Lukashenka "melted" and put something on Russia.

What other policies? There are none.
Now he put two presidential candidates in prison before the elections, the third fled.

I wonder where other Belarusian politicians are looking? Or is Lukashenka's dictatorship already in Belarus?

Have the "daddy" in general gone? Already with Russia he was going to fight ... I am even ready to "go to war" if only to stay in power. Apparently his rating is below the baseboard.

There was still not enough to ruin relations with Belarus.