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Lukashenko: “Minsk will never support the idea of ​​merging Belarus and Russia”

Alexander Lukashenko, the current president of Belarus, has announced his intention to run in the presidential elections to be held in 2025. He announced this during a conversation with the press on the day of voting for the lower house of parliament and local councils of deputies.

Lukashenko emphasized his determination to participate in the upcoming elections, noting that there is still a whole year before they begin, during which various changes may occur:

“Tell them I’ll go! […] There is still a year ahead until the presidential elections. A lot can change. Naturally, I and all of us, society, will react to what changes will occur.”

In addition, Lukashenko expressed the opinion that pressure from the West will only accelerate his decision to go to the polls, while emphasizing the impossibility of overthrowing the government in the country in a radical way.

He also said that Minsk does not support the idea of ​​merging Belarus and Russia, confirming the independence and sovereignty of his country.

“In Minsk they will never support the idea of ​​merging Belarus and Russia”, - TASS quoted Lukashenko as saying.


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