Lukashenka introduced tanks to Minsk, curfew expected

Lukashenko demanded to bring tanks to Minsk.

The Belarusian mass media report that heavy armored vehicles, including T-72 tanks, have begun to be pulled from military units located near Minsk to the center of the Belarusian capital. There are no official comments on this, however, local sources provided a video showing the transport of T-72 tanks to the center of Minsk, which indicates Lukashenka's intention to take serious measures to disperse the protesters.

In the presented video frames, made, according to preliminary data, in the northeast of the Belarusian capital (Uruchye region), you can see how the T-72 tank is transported on a special military tractor, while it is argued that at least two more similar tractors with tanks could not be quickly filmed on a mobile phone camera.

Moreover, an armored car with a large-caliber machine gun was seen in one of the most protest districts of Minsk, which indicates that Lukashenka is seriously ready to suppress protests in the country with the use of firearms.

Among other things, information appeared a day earlier that Minsk was preparing to introduce a curfew - this information has not yet received any confirmation, however, the current situation clearly predisposes to this.

According to data from non-governmental organizations, over the entire period of protests in Belarus, about 500 thousand people took part in them, covering several dozen cities of the country.

At least someone here is normal among the ignorant. Respect to you.

All lies about tanks are likely. And about the fact that 500 thousand took part in the rallies, also a lie. At most 20 thousand. Through the media, the enemies of the bows are trying to support the fading Maidan. Write

It's time for others

It so happened that in Belaya Rus, a woman Tikhanovskaya, who is nothing: with a complete lack of management experience and any managerial work, who does not understand the structural organization of any business, does not understand security issues, has become a unifying center for many. Without saying anything intelligible about the state structure and the main ways of development of the country, she, focusing on the general dissatisfaction with the current government, based more on feelings skillfully warmed up by opponents of the current government and on irresponsible promises of Free elections with the participation of all representatives opposing the government today in a pre-trial detention center, is gaining through itself as a symbol, a protest force, with which it is quite difficult to cope with the power structures of the State. What it says: 1. The country is actively subversive work of forces from outside, interested in putting Belarus under the control of international capital, undermining the State National Economy. The state apparatus focuses more on the management system in the republican Power structures, weakening the system of local self-government, thus destroying the initiative on the ground (undermining the freedom of action and therefore criticism and freedom of the WILL of the local government in strengthening subordinate domains and Freedom of Speech in the case in strengthening and not in frustration ) 2. The presence of bureaucratic lawlessness and embezzlement, which is presented by foreign propaganda as the concentration (usurpation) of Power in limited hands.
All these blunders enable the foreign Will to focus its discontent on the LEADER. 4. Lack of consistent efforts aimed at UNION with Great RUSSIA. So insufficient that the Foundation of the Slavic Union does not find support among the Active part of the PEOPLE.
Taking into account the factor of the blood foreign content of the current opposing (opposition) forces, directed by neighboring countries from the Council of Europe, the Slavic priesthood of Ural Russia supports the power structures of White Russia in Establishing Order, for to fall into the Enemy'S JAWS of the WHITE Slavic Head of a single Slavic side, it means to weaken the already weakened body one PEOPLE.
We are knocking for Lukoshko to cope with this difficult situation and to take steps to strengthen Blood Power through strengthening local blood self-government, strengthening the Army, responsible attitude of the bureaucratic people to their duties and accelerated development in the direction of the sovereign UNION RUSSIA.

Strange situation. All the years they were silent, everyone was allegedly happy, there were, of course, opponents of the Lukashenka regime, but there were also few of them. And then all of a sudden everyone suddenly realized. Factories - they are not paid a salary, small business - they are rotten, and the like. As for Lukashenka, he is wrong in his inappropriate actions. This is precisely what can provoke his resignation by force. Saakashvili's experience is not the best example.

if Old Man gives slack, he will walk the field like in Ukraine, let him drive all Western ambassadors in the neck, there will be no funding, there will be no Maidans

There are many questions to Lukashenka, it is his own fault, now he must defend the Russian world.

According to non-governmental organizations, are these organizations financed by the West?

He does everything right

He grabbed hold of power as did Putin. Falsifications, censorship, intimidation and planting of candidates, dispersal of peaceful demonstrations.