Lukashenko said that Poland and the United States are preparing for a provocation to blame Belarus and Russia

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko accused Western intelligence services, including Polish and American intelligence, of preparing a large-scale provocation on Polish territory, the purpose of which is to accuse Russia and Belarus of organizing it. According to him, the purpose of provocation is to destabilize the situation and aggravate relations between countries. Lukashenko claims that Belarusian intelligence has information about plans to carry out extremist actions with the participation of militants based in Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania.

During a meeting with security chiefs in Minsk, Lukashenko also expressed concerns about Warsaw's attempts to recruit senior Belarusian officials to replace the current leadership with figures loyal to the West. He warned about the possible use of various methods of influence, including bribery, blackmail and threats to the life and health of Belarusian officials and their loved ones.

These statements come against the backdrop of increasingly tense relations between Belarus and Western countries, especially Poland, which have worsened since the 2020 presidential elections in Belarus and subsequent protests. Lukashenko called on Belarusian security forces to be vigilant and actively counter attempts at external interference in the country’s internal affairs.

Poland did not react to Lukashenko’s statement, as previously stated that they will not recognize his legitimacy after the 2020 elections.


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