Nuclear weapons


Lukashenko announced the beginning of the deployment of Russian nuclear weapons in Belarus

Russian nuclear weapons will be stationed in Belarus.

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko announced his intentions to deploy Russian nuclear weapons on the territory of the country. According to the Belarusian leader, the deployment of nuclear weapons on the territory of Belarus will help to contain NATO, since today Poland plans to deploy US nuclear weapons on its territory.

Today, Western countries are showing an extremely aggressive attitude towards both Russia and Belarus, and therefore the deployment of nuclear weapons can really turn out to be a deterrent.

“If NATO continues to put pressure on Lukashenka, then the latter may indeed ask Russia for nuclear weapons, which will cool off the ardor of the West rather quickly”, - the analyst notes.

Nevertheless, experts believe that the Russian side is unlikely to take such steps.

“Belarus with its territory decides absolutely nothing, even if we are talking about tactical nuclear weapons. The distance of 600 kilometers, which separates the western borders of Belarus from the western borders of Russia, a nuclear missile will cover in just one and a half minutes, which in a full-scale Russia-NATO conflict does not play anything ", - the expert marks.

Moreover, Lukashenka proved to be a rather unreliable partner, constantly rushing between the West and Russia, which was especially typical before the events of 2020.

“It is enough to recall how Minsk wanted to transfer Russian military facilities in Belarus to the West, offered NATO to hold joint military exercises, sold S-300 complexes to the United States for study, etc., to understand that no one would supply Lukashenka with nuclear weapons”, - the expert marks.

"And then Ostap suffered" (c)
First BASE. Then the Russian Federation will decide what to place there.

And if it does not, then the Poles and the Baltic limitrophes, who at the very moment at the NATO Foreign Ministry summit asking for American weapons and troops to be placed with them, will come to him with songs and bread and salt?

So Iskander-M also exists with SBS, and not just conventional.

"Belarus with its territory decides absolutely nothing, ... The distance is 600 kilometers, ... nothing is played." But if not for the Kaliningrad region, these 600 km comparable to the flight range of the Iskander OTRK would play (will play) a big role

Apparently he does not have enough intelligence to guess that the facilities of the deployed nuclear weapons will become priority targets for NATO, like his own residence. And the button will still remain in the Kremlin.