A light clone of the Russian Su-57 has been stripped of all its "annoying" flaws - now it looks like a "stealth"

The light fighter of the fifth generation did not have "annoying" shortcomings.

Experts analyzed the video that appeared with the Russian fifth-generation light-type fighter, which they had already dubbed the Su-75 fighter on the Web, and did not find any drawbacks of the "stealth" aircraft. Previously, due to these shortcomings, India, China, the United States and other countries actively criticized the Russian Su-57. This significantly increases the likelihood that the Russian combat aircraft will not only be in demand in the Russian troops, but also foreign partners may really be interested in it. specialists pay attention, first of all, to the angular design of the fuselage and the absence of joints, which can be the reason for the detection of this combat aircraft by standard air defense systems. This fact clearly indicates the low radar signature of the fifth generation of the light class. In addition, if the information about the confrontation of the newest fighter with the British destroyer Defender is confirmed, it means that NATO air defense and missile destroyer radar could not detect the Russian fighter from a distance of several kilometers.

Among other things, the fighter's fuselage does not have any elements that can reduce its stealth capabilities, which indicates that domestic designers have taken a very responsible approach to the development of this combat aircraft.

The author, how did he understand or caught up with that this plane is now a real stealth? The doctor said?