Macedonia considers sending BTR-70 and BMP-2 to Ukraine

In addition to tanks and attack aircraft, Macedonia can transfer another 20 armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles to Ukraine.

After Macedonia Transmitted Ukraine a batch of 30 T-72A tanks, as well as 4 Su-25 attack aircraft, became aware that the authorities of this country are also considering the possibility of sending small batches of BTR-70 armored personnel carriers and BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles to Ukraine. Such armored vehicles are not currently operated by the Macedonian army and therefore are not of significant interest to this country.

At the moment, it is known that North Macedonia is armed with 10 armored personnel carriers BTR-70 and 10 infantry fighting vehicles BMP-2. The technical condition of this armored vehicle remains unknown, and therefore the exact number of combat vehicles that can be transferred to the Armed Forces of Ukraine remains unknown. At the same time, the continued arming of Ukraine by North Macedonia indicates that the authorities of this country are opposed to Russia and such actions are unfriendly.

At the same time, there is evidence that the military equipment supplied to Ukraine will be replaced by newer equipment in the arsenal of these countries, albeit in smaller quantities, which probably indicates self-interest on the part of the authorities of this state.