Macron did not rule out sending Western troops to Ukraine if consensus is reached

French President Emmanuel Macron said on Monday that sending Western troops into Ukraine in the future could not be ruled out. Macron made the announcement after a meeting in Paris on Ukraine attended by more than 20 European leaders and other Western officials.

Macron noted that there is currently no consensus on sending troops to Ukraine in an official manner, but nothing has been ruled out in the future. He did not provide details about which countries were considering sending troops.

"Today there is no consensus on sending ground troops... but nothing should be ruled out."Macron said.

During the meeting in Paris, Macron called on European leaders to ensure collective security by providing continued support to Ukraine as Russian offensive operations on the battlefield intensify in recent months.

A senior French official said the purpose of the conference was not so much to make new commitments for arms and financial assistance, but to better coordinate support for Kyiv and ensure that aid commitments are met.


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